"Interesting Fabulis concept deck board, we fell in love with the modern colours and the texture of our deck! It is amazing. We recommend this decking to all our friends. Our neighbour is getting it done as well! Form-A-Fence did a great job installing it, lovely job all around."

                                                                                                                        Gerda Veel, Ilderton, ON


The Creation and Birth of FABULIS PVC Deck Boards

Being in the deck and fence business for more than 35 years, I have experienced the development and creation of pressure treated lumber in different forms and chemical formulas with the obvious results.

After several years new products appeared on the market, the composite (wood and some sort of plastic combined) decking boards were supposed to be the answer to these issues, brilliant invention but not so much in reality. Break down and delamination issues resulted in major class action suits.

Product developments improved rapidly. The creation of the rigid extruded PVC decking was the ultimate product to use, but with the lack of a real “wood look", the application was limited and demand dwindled.

Several companies started manufacturing foam filled PVC solid decking with excellent results and great acceptance from the public and installers.

The issue is that these products are made in the United States. Therefore logistics, the currency exchange and the changing NAFTA agreement made the flow of products unreliable and sometimes caused long delivery times.


After working with and using the information and characteristics of different brands, we at FABULIS Products Inc developed an excellent quality PVC deck board tested and building code approved for the Canadian market.

We at FABULIS are not market leaders or inventors but we have learned from the “leaders” what is a bad or a good product. We have tested and tried these products and collected data to use in developing the FABULIS deck. The colours and surface are a result of marketing research and customer demand.


Wholesale only - FABULIS is not a contractor or installation company. Please contact your local dealer for installations. PVC scrap is 100% recyclable. FABULIS Deck boards are engineered and designed for outdoor living with a 25 year warranty.

Casey Van der Linden



"I did most of the work myself with this new Fabulis decking, and found it easy to work with. I was a little worried about the expansion issues, but the people at Form-A- Fence showed me how to install the boards to minimize expansions. I will use them again and the Fabulis decking is an asset to our back yard."
                                                                                                                 Brian Jewitt, Coldstream, ON